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We measured total levels of testosterone and DHT and calculated unbound hormone levels as well as the ratio of testosterone to DHT. Further, impaired glucose tolerance, basal and stimulated serum insulin levels, metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance according to the homeostatic model assessment (HOMA-IR) were assessed. testosterone.

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This study investigated the effects of testosterone (T) treatment on cognition, mood, and quality of life in men with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and low serum T levels. testosterone.

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In the present study, FT and androstenedione were statistically significantly correlated with sexual desire in the total cohort of women. ADT-G did not correlate more strongly than circulating androgens with sexual desire and is therefore not superior to measuring circulating androgens by mass spectrometry. testosterone.

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Primary Leydig cells were treated with DHEA and then detected testosterone content by RIA and steroidogenic enzymes, ERK1/2 signal pathway factors protein expression level by Western blot. testosterone.

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There was no significant difference between both groups regarding age, weight, height, and total testosterone (Table 1). The SHIM scores of Group A were significantly lower than that of Group B, 11.2 ±5 and 24.2 ±2.3, respectively. Total time spent talking on the cell phone per week was not significantly higher in Group A over B, 17.6 ±11.1 vs. 12.5 ±7 hours. Men with ED were found to carry their ‘switched on’ cell phones for a significantly longer time than those without ED, 4.4 ±3.6 vs. 1.8 ±1 hours per day. testosterone.

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